Hi~ my name is Zhuohan Chen, you can also call me Panda.
I’m currently a master student at National Taiwan University, Taipei. I received my bachelor’s degree at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, majoring in Computer Science. After that I worked at Shanghai for Xitian and Virtuos for one year as a software engineer.
My research interests include Computer Graphics, Physical Based Rendering, VR/AR and other interesting stuff. Right now I’m figuring on how Computer Graphics or Physical Based Rendering can benefit by Machine Learning.



National Taiwan University, 2016.09-present, GPA 4.28/4.3
M.S. of Computer Science and Information Engineering.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2011.09-2015.06, GPA 79/100
B.S. of Computer Science, Internet of Things.


Working Experiences

VIRTUOS, 2016.02-2016.07
Software Engineer, Project on a remastering a famous 3A Game.

Shanghai Xitian Corp, 2015.07-2016.01
3D Graphic Engineer, 3D volume rendering for human bodies and other 3D data visulization.


Project Experiences

Take Me Home (iPad Game), 2018.1
This is a Game Project we made using Unity 5. The map was based on real Taipeiroads. Player should guide characters to their homes as quick as possible. If there is too much characters on the map you will lose the game.

Video Stablization with CUDA Implementation, 2017.06
We implement a video stabilization method [Liu et al. 2013] which models camera motion with a bundle of (multiple) camera paths. Furthermore, we speed up this method by parallelizing some parts with CUDA support.

Hair Rendering based on PBRT v2, 2016.12
The third version of PBRT code supports hair rendering by default, yet those beautiful hair model can’t be rendered in pbrt v2. We implemented this hair scattering model based on the method it provide.

Water Rendering Based on Ray-Marching, 2016.12
We simulated an ocean with WebGL using ray-marching technology on website, which won’t cost much price but gives you an convincing result. We also added a ball to test the reflection and refraction phenomenon, and a VR mode to see it with google cardboard.

Game Remaster, 2016.02 – 2016.07
Our team was asked to remaster an old 3A game to make it running smoothly on XBOX ONE with DirectX 12. I was in responsible of shipping the text localization as well as building the game engine and fixing bugs.

3D Data Visualization, 2015.07 – 2016.02
We were working on building a system which can render the given 3D volume data and then transfer the rendered image to the device, in addition to that we also need to add some basic interactive features into the system.

Volume Rendering, 2015.01 – 2015.06
As my final project of the college, I learned the Volume Rendering and how to visualize the data collected by CT/MRI, and I used a ray-casting and pre-integrated way to render the data such as human bodies, brains and atom, etc.


Technical Skills

Programming language: C/C++ C# OpenGL WebGL HTML Python

Tools: Visual Studio Matlab Unity

Language: Mandarin English